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This blog is about the things I learned about computers and networking to help me to remember them as I push further my studies. I created this blog to help myself to continue my education; and if you find this blog helpful for your studies, that is great. That is one of the reasons why I made this blog, to share my interest and knowledge. Also, all the entries/posts I made are based on my views, opinion and for educational purposes only. If you see some mistakes, feel free to drop some comments. I would appreciate all the helpful comments. Thanks

unRaid and OSX slow directory listing

I have been using unRaid server for several months now, and it works the way I wanted it to be. However, there is one thing that was really annoying. Mapping a network drive on my OSX. At first, I thought … Continue reading

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OpenVPN for Android phone

I am assuming that you already exported the client profile from the OpenVPN server. I am talking about the .ovpn file. The process is pretty simple. The goal is to import the .ovpn file to the OpenVPN Connect app. Download … Continue reading

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OpenVPN for OSX desktop client

I guess we can start with Mac. You can use the Viscosity for $9. You can also use the TunnelBlick which is what I am going to be using here. Download the latest stable release of TunnelBlick, and install it. … Continue reading

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OPNSense as a VPN server

I recently posted a Raspberry Pi3 as an OpenVPN server. It worked great, but I had some issues that I was still trying to fix (at least, at the time of this writing). Basically, I could not get the Internet … Continue reading

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OpenVPN and Raspberry Pi 3 – part 1

I used to use the remote access VPN that came with my SRX100 and now SRX300. However, it is limited to two users only. I need more than two users. I thought of using the Raspberry Pi and OpenVPN since OpenVPN … Continue reading

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ExpressVPN on Linux

I tried to install ExpressVPN on my Ubuntu Gnome, and I was following the “how to” guide by ExpressVPN, and got some issues. Luckily I found this thread To view the server list, simply enter the following in terminal: expressvpn … Continue reading

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EIGRP with the same Router ID – part 2

This is the continuation from part 1. We are still going to be using the same topology – see Figure 1. We are going to lab scenario two where R1 and R3 will have both the same eigrp router ID. I … Continue reading

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