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My name is Karlo, I work as a Network Engineer. A little about myself. I started as a PC gamer back when I was in high school. PC gaming became my addiction and pushed me to learn more about computers. Slowly got my some certifications and landed an IT Tier 1 Helpdesk job. This job opened the door for me to work to push further on my certifications and going deeper into the IT world. My goal was to get my Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching, but my journey for CCIE has changed due to I always ended up working on non-Cisco network appliances. Therefore, I have to pivot and decided to jump to the dark side and go with Juniper. Hopefully, I would get my JNCIE in the near future. All the entries/post I made are based on my views, opinion and for educational purposes only. If you see some mistakes, feel free to drop some comments. I would appreciate all the helpful comments. Thanks

Upgrading Proxmox VE with no valid license

By default, Proxmox VE cannot be upgraded via web UI unless you have the valid subscription license. The license is not that expensive and it is actually recommended if you are using this in a production environment. If you see … Continue reading

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Digoo NVR – update

Happy 2018 everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I posted unRaid and Surveillance Station. I just want to update about what I said about the Digoo NVR. After messing with my Digoo NVR, I realized that I can download and … Continue reading

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unRaid UniFi Docker container – STUN Communication Failed error

Here is the summary. If you are getting this STUN Communication Failed error, you can easily fix this by allowing 3478/udp inbound to your controller. Sounds easy, does it? Well, there are two things needs to be done here. Allow the port … Continue reading

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unRaid and Surveillance Station

Synology and QNAP both have surveillance station, which is great because it is available in their app stores, you just need to buy the license for the camera if you have more IP cameras than the free license that came … Continue reading

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Quick and easy way to have a home DNS server via Pi-hole – part 2

Pi-hole as your local DHCP server. This is very easy. It does not matter what method you would use to login to the Pi as long as you can access and edit the /etc/hosts file, you are golden. In this … Continue reading

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Quick and easy way to have a home DNS server via Pi-hole – part 1

Don’t you want to block those pesky Internet ads and pop-ups ads? Pi-hole is the answer. If you do not know what a pi-hole is, here is an extract from the pi-hole GitHub page. Block ads for all your devices without the need to install … Continue reading

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OpenVPN and Raspberry Pi 3 – update

See original post here : I wrote that post several months ago, and I would like to update it since I visited my issues I was having with it and now things seem to be working. I don’t know how much … Continue reading

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