OpenVPN for Android phone

I am assuming that you already exported the client profile from the OpenVPN server. I am talking about the .ovpn file.

The process is pretty simple. The goal is to import the .ovpn file to the OpenVPN Connect app. Download the OpenVPN Connect app at the Google Play Store. I am lazy, and don’t want to grab the USB cable for my phone. There are three ways to

Now, there are three ways to upload the .ovpn file to an Android phone via USB, email or remote access app.

  • USB is pretty straight forward. Just plug it in to your laptop and drag and drop the .ovpn file.
  • Email – you can attach the.ovpn file to your email and send it to yourself. Open the same email from your phone and download the attached .ovpn. Once downloaded, you will find this .ovpn file in the Download folder Settings > Storage > Explore > Download. I am using Google Pixel so the path might be different compare to yours. 
  • Remote access app – I used the app called AirDroid. It is pretty nice app. You can upload the .ovpn file via web browser. Just remember the location where you uploaded the .ovpn file. Once the app is open via web-browser, I would upload the .ovpn file to Files > Download
    • Here is a youtube video of AirDroid

Anyways, so once we got the .ovpn file to our Android phone, we need to import it to OpenVPN Connect app. To do so, open the OpenVPN Connect app and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner



Figure 1


In the menu, select Import > Import Profile from SD card



Figure 2


Figure 3


Navigate to the location of the .ovpn file. In my case, it will be in the Download folder



Figure 4


Select the .ovpn file for the android phone then click on Select



Figure 5


The profile will have a very long name that kind of like gibberish. You can rename the profile by tapping on the Notepad icon then select Rename Profile




Figure 6


Figure 7


Enter the name that would make sense to me you



Figure 8


Then that is it



Figure 9






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