ExpressVPN on Linux

I tried to install ExpressVPN on my Ubuntu Gnome, and I was following the “how to” guide by ExpressVPN, and got some issues. Luckily I found this thread

To view the server list, simply enter the following in terminal: expressvpn list

netshinobi@netshinobiug:~$ expressvpn list | less
ALIAS   COUNTRY                                  LOCATION                         RECOMMENDED
-----   ---------------                          ------------------------------   -----------
smart   Smart Location                           USA - New York                   Y
usny    United States (US)                       USA - New York                   Y
usla                                             USA - Los Angeles                Y
usch                                             USA - Chicago                    Y
usny2                                            USA - New York - 2 

Once you selected your server, to connect enter the following: expressvpn connect <server-alias>

Let’s say that I want to connect to Atlanta

netshinobi@netshinobiug:~$ expressvpn connect usat
Connecting to USA - Atlanta... 100.0%

To check the status of the vpn, type-in: expressvpn status

netshinobi@netshinobiug:~$ expressvpn status
Connected to USA - Atlanta

To disconnect, just type in expressvpn disconnect

netshinobi@netshinobiug:~$ expressvpn disconnect 

Or you can check the man page: man expressvpn



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