GNS3 Qemu and OSX Yosemite – Part 2

I am assuming the reason you are reading this is that the Part 1 did not work. I am hoping that this one will.

If the .vmdk image display some information such as below (The sample below has been converted to .vdi)

sudo /Applications/ info filename.vdi 
image: filename.vdi
file format: vdi
virtual size: 2.0G (2147483648 bytes)
disk size: 115M
cluster_size: 1048576

Then you are good to go. However, If you are getting this message, that means that qemu version does not support VMDK Sparse.

/Application/GNS3/Contents/Resources/qemu/bin/qemu-img info filename.vmdk
qemu-img: Could not open ‘filename.vmdk'

Then follow the 6 steps below:
1. Install VirtualBox.
2. Convert the .vmdk disk into the .vdi intermediate format: (where filename is the name of the vmdk file)

cd /Applications/
sudo VBoxManage clonehd /Users/NetworkShinobi/Desktop/filename.vmdk --format VDI filename.vdi

3. Since I forgot to specify the location of the output, VBoxManage save the newly converted file in /Applications/ I can verify this by using the command below:

ls | grep filename.vdi

4. Copy the file from /Applications/ to /Users/username/GNS3/images or your images location. In my case:

sudo cp /Applications/ /Users/username/GNS3/images/

5. Navigate to the location of the .vdi file then press command + i to open the file information.

Figure 1

Figure 1

6. On the lower right corner, unlock the pad-lock icon as shown in Figure 1 above; then press the + sign to add yourself with read/write permission as shown in Figure 2 below. Close the Get Info window.

Figure 2

Figure 2

At this point, the qemu that came with GNS3 should be able to read the virtual hard drive.


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3 Responses to GNS3 Qemu and OSX Yosemite – Part 2

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  2. Kunle says:

    good stuff mate..worked for me easy! Thanks.

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