CCIE R&S Journey Part 1

I have not written a blog for a while now due to work and personal stuff. Anyways, I passed my CCNP R&S back in March 2014 last year, and it was a fun experience and a lot of hard work; then I thought of working on my CCNP Wireless after passing CCNP R&S since I work for a small wireless company.

I passed my CUWSS exam, and was working on IUWVM exam. Since I was a wireless engineer and must travel all the time-90% out of state travel, I got burnt out. And realized that I have no future or career growth if I stay with this company. Therefore, I decided to start looking for new job.

Fortunately, I found a new opportunity. No out of state travel just to local remote sites to troubleshoot their network issues which is rarely happens. However, Cisco devices does not exist in my new environment. What we have are Juniper, Force10, and Meru. I always want to learn Juniper CLI, and this was the opportunity for me learn it. Force10 switches are similar to Cisco in regards to CLI syntax, so there is not much to learn. Meru wireless was nothing but problems (this is going to be written in a new blog post).

With the new position that I have now, this is going to be a tough battle since Cisco does not exist in my new work. I was still thinking to continue my CCNP W, and had to learn Juniper at the same time. I studied Juniper using their Fast Track study materials, and got really good at it. I took the JNCIA exam in November of  2014 and passed the exam. I have been doing the same work since I started working with my new employer-this is about a little over six months now, and I have a feeling that I won’t get really far if this is going to continue. There is a lot of politics, too, which I am trying to avoid.

To go further and be prestigious, I decided to put hold my CCNP Wireless and go back to my original goal three years ago which was getting my CCIE serial number. I would still work on my Juniper since that is the vendor of choice of my employer. I already purchased some study materials and I am going to stick with the Kindle version, so that every highlights, notes, etc, is going to be centralized and can be accessed via by my iPhone6+ or iPad mini.

The study materials I am going to be using are:

  • CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Certification Guide volume 1 and 2
  • Routing TCP IP both volume 1 and 2
  • MPLS Fundamentals
  • Developing IP Multicast Network volume 1
  • Cisco QoS Certification exam guide

This is going to be a really tough journey for me, but at the very end it will be worth it.

About networkshinobi

My name is Karlo, I work as a Network Engineer. A little about myself. I started as a PC gamer back when I was in high school. PC gaming became my addiction and pushed me to learn more about computers. Slowly got my some certifications and landed an IT Tier 1 Helpdesk job. This job opened the door for me to work to push further on my certifications and going deeper into the IT world. My goal was to get my Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching, but my journey for CCIE has changed due to I always ended up working on non-Cisco network appliances. Therefore, I have to pivot and decided to jump to the dark side and go with Juniper. Hopefully, I would get my JNCIE in the near future. All the entries/post I made are based on my views, opinion and for educational purposes only. If you see some mistakes, feel free to drop some comments. I would appreciate all the helpful comments. Thanks
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