Backing up SecureCRT on OS X

Open your terminal and navigate to:

new-host:~ networkshinobi$ cd Library/Application\ Support/VanDyke/SecureCRT/

Once you are in the SecureCRT directory, use the ls command to view the content of SecureCRT directory:

new-host:SecureCRT networkshinobi$ ls
Config                                    Messages

Now, what we need is to backup the Config directory.  For this example, I am going to make a copy of it and place it on the desktop.

new-host:SecureCRT networkshinobi$ cp -R Config ~/Desktop/Config

Note: Keep in mind that if you added a / after the Config (e.g. cp -R Config/ ~/Desktop/Config), instead of copying the directory, you’re copying its content.  Therefore, make sure that there is no slash after the Config, unless that you already have a folder created.

To verify if we really made a backup of our Config folder.

new-host:SecureCRT networkshinobi$ cd ~/Desktop
new-host:Desktop networkshinobi$ ls
new-host:Desktop networkshinobi$

And there it is.



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